We offer extended and intermediate care for patients who may require longer treatments eg: Infusions / Fluids / Antibiotics in the form of day admissions.



- Consultation 
- Pelvic Scans 
- Pap Smears 
- Vault Smears 

Treatment of miscarriages and retained products: 
- Suction Curretage 

- DNC’s 
- cervical biopsy / cone biopsy 
- polyp removals ect 

- abnormal uterine bleeding 
- management of poly cystic ovaries 
- removal of warts : vaginal and peri anal 
- treatment of all sexually transmitted infections 


Obstetric / antenatal

- obstetric scanning and fetal biometry 
-management of medical conditions associated with pregnancy 
- fetal ultrasounds / Doppler’s 
- CTG’s for fetal monitoring 


We treat all medical conditions.

Both chronic / acute and emergency medical conditions eg : pneumonia / congestive cardiac failure ect 
Treatment is largely dependent on diagnosis


- Debridements
- Removal / Incision and Drainage of Abscesses 
- Lipoma Excisions 
- All other minor Surgical Elements 


- Cosmetic Anti-Aging Treatment Programs 
- Vitamin Infusions 
- Wart Removals 
- Mound Removal 
- Lipoma Excision 


We have an Intensive Wound Care Program 
Eg : Diabetic Foots / Venous Ulcers ect 

- Wound care often involves Intensive Care Treatments, Debridements, Dressing, Antibiotics ect 


- Vitamin Infusions to improve skin , and Combat Fatigue , Rehydration and improves General Vitality 

- Iron Infusions :  for the treatment of Symptomatic Anemia , Good Alternative to Blood Transfusions for Chronic Anemia and Renal Failure Patients 


- Vasectomy 
- Treatment of all Sexually Transmitted Infections 
- Wart Removals 
- Circumcision
- Anti Aging / Aging Reversal Programs 
- Male Sexual Health issues and Treatment Intervention 
- Low Testosterone 
- Impotence 
- Treatment of Sport Injury / Sport Related Matters